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How I failed my first drug test with Certo | Passed with synthetic urine

Yes, I did fail my first drug test with Certo aka the Sure Jell drug test method. Whenever I check some youtube videos on this topic, the first one is always how to pass a drug test 100% guaranteed with Certo..or how to pass a drug test in 1 hour guaranteed, How to always pass any test etc…Its always the same Certo. I know you will probably say that I failed my test because I wasn’t prepared, because I didn’t follow the instructions to the tee and so on, the bad news is I did everything properly exactly as it was instructed in these youtube videos.

If you check in youtube, the first five videos on how to pass a drug test are all promoting this stupid Certo drug test method, I belive people keep trying and trying this because these dickheads mislead them, izts super easy to follow and doesn’t cost anything. A proper detox drink for drug test 40$ the best synthetic urine is 75$ much is a bag of certo? 3$, it was always a mistery for me how can people risk their job or even their freedom just to save 30-40$, unbelivable.

Certo Drug test method failed

certo drug testSo I looked it up on youtube how to pass a urine drug test and the first video was this Aaron C guy. I watched his video a couple of times, then I watched the videos on the second and third spot.

All video was a little bit different, some suggest you to two drink two bottles of water, the other one suggest to drink three, one say urinate as many times as you can, the other one say urinate twice and not more. These seems to be small differances, but these small details have big impact.


I choosed Aaron C’s certo drug test directions because he has the most views, followed his guidlines, I did everyting as he instructed and I failed the test. You know whats funny?

My home drug test right before I went to the testing room showed negative, but in the drug testing facility, my test came back positive. It tells all about this 1 dollar home drug tests, they are as reliable as this bullshit Certo method.

Best way to pass a drug test on short notice – Synthetic urine

I failed my first test in last October, I was freaking sad, but life goes on, I didnt quit smoking and I kept trying a job. My next drug test was on the second job interview at Lowe’s. I knew they do drug test and I knew these job interview drug tests are all unsupervsed. I did some research and found out that the best and safest way is probably synthetic urine. If one pass the test with synthetic urine then the same will probably work for other people as well.

After doing some hours of reasearch, searching for reliable synthetic urine reviews I found out that the best and most easily accessible brand is Quick Fix synthetic urine. There are many different brands in smoke shops, but if you decide to use fake urine for drug test then better if you go for the best brand.

The best synthetic urine: Quick Fix 6.1 Updated formula with uric acid

best synthetic urine 2017The best synthetic urine brands are Quick Fix and Sub Solution, I have checked 20 plus synthetic urine reviews and they are both top rated products with only a very bad reviews. I decided to go with the updated formula of Quick fix because its much cheaper, Sub Solution synthetic urine costs 75$ plus shipping, Quick Fix is only 39+ shipping.

They both seem to contain the same or very similar chemicals. They both look and smell like real human urine, the only differance is Sub Solution comes with heat activator powder which makes heating urine to the right temperature is much more easier, but other than that, they look the same for me.

I also found out that the two most important chemicals what are always checked in a urine analysis are uric acid and urea. Both Quick Fix and Sub Solution contains them.

After some hours of thinking I orderd Quick Fix 6.1 synthetic urine, recieved it within 2 days (express shippsin extra 5 bucks), followed the instructions on the box, heated it up to the right temp with microwave, wraped it up with handwarmers and took it to the testing lab in my underwear. After 5 days I got a call that I got the job.

So far I have passed two urine drug test with Quick Fix so I can say Quick Fix is the best synthetic urine in 2017 on the maket. If you guys have any experience with Sub Solution, please leave a comment below.

weed on brain

Marijuana and Its Effects on the Brain

Marijuana, or Cannabis, is a flowering plant cultivated and used by humans for several purposes. The most well-known of which is as a psychoactive drug. Also referred to as ganja, pot, weed or herb, it has persisted as one of the most popular drugs ever discovered for much of human history. In fact, it is now almost certain that even prehistoric humans used the Cannabis plant. The recent era, however, has seen a sharp rise in its use for recreational, medicinal and spiritual uses. Because of this, it has in the past one hundred years been a hot button issue of debate, and is currently outlawed in the United States.

The plant itself is grown in warm and temperate climates. Most all of its parts have some sort of psychoactive effect when consumed, but the most popular parts used are the flowering body structure of the female plant, and to a lesser extent the male flowering buds. When harvested, most marijuana comes in clumps called nuggets, or “nugs” as they are often referred to.

marijuana effects on brain

The harvested form can be ingested in a few different ways. The most common forms are oral ingestion and inhaling the smoke from a combusting plant. For oral ingestion, it is often popular to bake the marijuana within other foods, such as “pot brownies”. But the most popular form of ingestion by far is igniting the plant and inhaling the smoke. There are many devices made for this process, some of which include bongs, chillums, and pipes. Other methods include the rolling of a marijuana cigarette, or joint.

When ingested, the psychoactive chemical compound THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol is released into the system. This chemical greatly affects the flow of certain neurotransmitters in the brain, creating an altered state of mind. Although the feeling of “getting high” is described as pleasant, there is no intense feeling of euphoria, as with other more addictive drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Therefore, marijuana is classified as a mildly hallucinogenic drug.

The health effects of marijuana are really not that well known. It is understood that there is no way to overdose on THC, which automatically makes it less dangerous than other hard drugs. However, by some, it is considered a “gateway drug”, which means that the use of it increases the risk of using other drugs. It is also more or less accepted that smoking marijuana, or any organic material for that matter, has a negative effect on the lungs.

This article is by no means a suggestion to try marijuana, but rather simply an educational tool to learn about the historical importance and chemical science of the drug.

The Future of Legalizing Marijuana

Tuesday November 7th, the voters in Nevada did not approve of the legalization of possessing up to one ounce of marijuana, adults 21 or older, bought from a government approved “pot shop”. Nevada seemed to follow the legislation passed in Colorado, 2005 were voters approved of the same law. However, twelve states have decriminalized the possession of marijuana and eleven states allow marijuana usage for medicinal purposes.

Not surprising, the Committee to Regulate and Control Marijuana argued in favor of legalizing marijuana. They convinced voters that with the legalization of gambling and “streak of Western independence, it would hypocritical not to legalize marijuana.

Other proponents for the legalization of marijuana argue that too much taxpayers money and law enforcement resources are wasted on misdemeanor offenses such as possession of marijuana. Furthermore, taxing the legal use of marijuana would put drug dealers out of business. Even more surprising some pastors, while they do not recommend marijuana use, believe if there is a market for marijuana then it is better to be in a controlled environment.

cannabis legalisation

The opponents of legalizing marijuana argue recreational use of marijuana will lead to other drug use and that it would be a poor tax source. Some law enforcement agents remind people that growing, distributing, and warehousing marijuana is still a federal crime and punishable by law. The Supreme Court ruled people using marijuana for medical purposes could still be prosecuted under federal law. Yet the Nevada legislative committee approved the bill to be voted on in November.

The legislative act, that was not passed, would have taxed adults $45 dollars for an ounce of marijuana. The legislative act directed Nevada’s Department of Taxation to set up procedures for licensing distributors, retailers, and growers. Furthermore, the bill doubles fines for selling pot to minors and vehicular manslaughter under the influence of pot.

Is this the beginning of the legalization of marijuana?

Even though the Supreme Court ruled marijuana use, even for medicinal purposes is still a federal offense many proponents for recreational marijuana use theorize few if any federal resources would be used to arrest and penalize misdemeanor uses of marijuana, especially in amounts as small as one ounce. Furthermore, many favor the use of the drug in a controlled environment. Until weed is not completely legalized and drug testing is still in use I advise you to check out my synthetic urine article (best and easiest way to pass a urine drug test).

The government currently collects approximately $18 billion in alcohol tax. A study by the University of Nevada estimates the government could collect approximately $28.6 million for regulating marijuana in Nevada alone. Eventually, the government has the potential to collect much more in taxes by legalizing marijuana in other parts of the country.


Is Marijuana an Effective Treatment for Chronic Pain? Here Are the Facts

Most of us are familiar with the use of marijuana as a medicine, and in areas where its use for the relief of pain is legal at a local level, many who prescribe it to their patients and who suffer from chronic pain themselves claim that it has great benefits. Is medical marijuana truly an effective treatment for those who suffer from chronic pain conditions, and if so what potential does it have for more widespread use as a medicine?
Individuals suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Marijuana has perhaps been most widely used as a pain reliever by people who are suffering the effects of the HIV virus. According to Dr. Marcus Constant, director of the Constant Medical Group, one of the largest private practices devoted to AIDS treatment in America, marijuana has significant efficacy in the treatment of individuals suffering from many of the wasting effects of AIDS. It seems particularly effective at combating the effects of nausea, fatigue, loss of stamina, and some of the mental impacts of AIDS, such as depression and anxiety, while also stimulating appetite.

marijuana for pain

In 2005, the American Academy of HIV Medicine stated that marijuana had the potential to provide significant benefits to the victims of AIDS so long as it is properly prescribed and its use is monitored carefully. The stimulation of appetite is at least responsible for some of the benefit of marijuana, since individuals AIDS often suffer from “wasting” in which a decline in appetite causes precipitous loss of weight and energy.

Cystic Fibrosis

It seems that a decline in appetite results in a similar wasting phenomenon in individuals with Cystic Fibrosis. This malnutrition weakens the immune system and makes sufferers more susceptible to the pain associated with this disease.

According to Dr. Sean Breen of Medical Cannabis of Southern California, marijuana can be used as an effective supplement to the standard medications of individuals suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. Dr. Breen noted in regards to an informal case study that one young individual with Cystic Fibrosis was able to stop taking the potent drug Oxycontin for his pain once he was given marijuana.

Other individuals suffering chronic pain

Unfortunately for those interested in the legalization and prescription of marijuana to treat their particular problems with chronic pain, American legislators have been more reluctant to allow its use for all but the most potentially deadly illnesses such as AIDS or Cancer. While the state of New Jersey recently passed a law in early 2010 legalizing medical marijuana for the treatment of various diseases, many chronic pain sufferers were left out of the new legislation.

According to Ken Wolski, the head of New Jersey’s Coalition for medical marijuana, there are many other individuals who could benefit from its use to relieve pain. Meanwhile, the drug continues to gain mainstream acceptance by organizations and bodies as respected as the FDA, which has approved the use of THC, marijuana’s active ingredient, as a regulated medicine. But even if marijuana a proven effective way to relieve pain, its still illegal and drug testing in the USA still remained the same.

Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana

Have you ever thought about whether or not it makes sense to legalize marijuana? The truth is, there are several important benefits associated with legalizing marijuana.

1) Legalizing and regulating marijuana will dramatically reduce the amount of money that is spent on the black market.

Why is this so important? Right now, many experts have made a compelling argument that approximately 40,000+ people have been killed in the country of Mexico as a result of the misguided war on drugs pushed in large part by the United States. The only reason why various drug cartels have the money to purchase military grade weaponry which they then unleash upon the civilian population, rival cartels, as well as the police, is because of the profits generated from the underground drug economy. Marijuana is a big part of that.

2) When you legalize marijuana, you can immediately released from prison tens of thousands of people for nonviolent marijuana drug offenses.

There is a mental disorder that appears to exist within the brains of a wide variety of different politicians who believe it makes sense to spend tens of thousands of dollars per year — per prisoner — incarcerating people who are no danger to anybody else. All these people have done is chosen to utilize marijuana — an honest lifestyle choice and a substance that most medical experts agree is actually less harmful than alcohol.

3) Law enforcement resources that are currently devoted to chasing after marijuana users can instead be turned towards dealing with significantly more serious matters.

The truth is, the United States has infected most of North America with the misguided belief that building more prisons and incarcerating more marijuana users actually creates a safer and more wholesome society. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of devoting billions of dollars per year to going after people for smoking marijuana, one would think that it might make more sense to invest that money in public education and other important social welfare programs.

Here’s the bottom line: the benefits of legalizing marijuana are overwhelming. It can really be argued that it’s a violation of a person’s basic human rights to be thrown into a government cage as a result of their decision to peacefully smoke a substance that is dramatically less harmful than a lot of other things which are completely legal such as alcohol and tobacco.

Thankfully, due in large part to courageous marijuana legalization activist both in Canada and in the United States, it appears increasingly likely that efforts to legalize marijuana will not be in vein. In truth, the promoters of the “war on drugs” should be tried for war crimes.

Phelps Marijuana: Is Michael Phelps Smoking Weed?

Today, the ‘Phelps Marijuana’ and ‘Michael Phelps Smoking Weed’ stories hold top reading spots on the internet. According to the British newspaper ‘News of the World’ our favorite Olympic swimming star Michael was caught on film happily smoking away out of a big cheery cherry-red marijuana bong at a South Carolina college-crowd party.

Internet reader comments included on the vast amount of stories devoted to ‘Phelps Marijuana’ and ‘Michael Phelps Smoking Weed’ are running the normal celebrity gossip comments: ‘Who cares?’ and ‘What about his lungs?’ seem to be among the favorite comments on the comment blogs.

is phelps smoking weed

What do YOU think about the issues brought up in articles about Michael Phelps smoking weed stories? I have heard stories that he smoked and was drug tested, accorind to the rumors he used synthetic urine, it was in the beggining in his career. Don’t we really have issues showing that go slightly beyond a few college age young adults imbibing?

My personal opinion includes a very bad attitude about media paying for gossip stories that are designed to injure reputations and promote the use of illegal substances as proper for the ‘in crowd’ to be doing.

Sure, many people enjoy unwinding with marijuana or a few drinks on weekends, but is it proper to be announcing this fact to impressionable children who are idolizing our sports hero’s like Michael Phelps? Smoking weed is an illegal act. We preach this fact to our children who will now see Michael Phelps doing it without visible consequences.

The Michael Phelps smoking weed habit is quietly being promoted to our children as an appropriate party time activity when authorities are not involved visually upset that weed laws have been broken.

We can expect that the Olympic star may lose a few dollars on advertising contracts if sponsors sever the ties to a marijuana smoker. Our children will not be exposed to this; the cheery red marijuana weed bong is what they will internalize.

Perhaps it is time for the United States of America to legalize weed. If American comments on the habits of Olympic star Michael Phelps smoking weed or drinking, then it is logical to believe that marijuana could be made legal and taxed to help with economic issues. Phelps marijuana smoking choices could donate to our struggling economy in a nice way.

Michael chose to smoke marijuana, and did so because media promotes pot as a normal for of relaxation for young adults. This issue isn’t if Michael smoked marijuana, the showing issues is the question: Should Weed Be Legal and Taxed?

Detox drinks for drug test to save your life with safety precautions

Why the people takes detox drinks?

Hi guys! In general the medical field takes test for identifying the diseases, finding medicine for the diseases are starts from the medical tests like urine test, and blood test. In which most of the germs, virus and many other severe bacteria’s are come outside from the human body as a report. It is also common for testing the drug level in the human body that can be measured and identified by using detox drinks for drug test. The main purpose of detox is used to remove or reduce the level of toxin from the human body.

Working process and ingredients of detox

It not only used for removing the toxin level it also used to increasing the energy level of the person at the same time it helps to loss the overweight. The ingredient of detox does not contain any of addiction powder which would leads to severe side effect. Don’t take over amount of water during drink the detox drinks that over amount of water will be resulting in intoxication that is no toxin in human body as well as no toxin in urine. After taking of detox drink it takes time to working in inside the body and taking of few minutes then take the urine sample to test the drug level.

That sample is tested by the specialists to check the drug level this test not only for urine it also used to test the blood samples of the person. It has many types of detox drinks based on the effectiveness like some of the drinks works within 24 hours, some of the drinks takes 7 days and rarely few drinks takes nearly 25 days to works. Detox is used to remove the toxin content and clean the body to be in good condition and get healthy life.