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How I failed my first drug test with Certo | Passed with synthetic urine

Yes, I did fail my first drug test with Certo aka the Sure Jell drug test method. Whenever I check some youtube videos on this topic, the first one is always how to pass a drug test 100% guaranteed with Certo..or how to pass a drug test in 1 hour guaranteed, How to always pass any test etc…Its always the same Certo. I know you will probably say that I failed my test because I wasn’t prepared, because I didn’t follow the instructions to the tee and so on, the bad news is I did everything properly exactly as it was instructed in these youtube videos.

If you check in youtube, the first five videos on how to pass a drug test are all promoting this stupid Certo drug test method, I belive people keep trying and trying this because these dickheads mislead them, izts super easy to follow and doesn’t cost anything. A proper detox drink for drug test 40$ the best synthetic urine is 75$ much is a bag of certo? 3$, it was always a mistery for me how can people risk their job or even their freedom just to save 30-40$, unbelivable.

Certo Drug test method failed

certo drug testSo I looked it up on youtube how to pass a urine drug test and the first video was this Aaron C guy. I watched his video a couple of times, then I watched the videos on the second and third spot.

All video was a little bit different, some suggest you to two drink two bottles of water, the other one suggest to drink three, one say urinate as many times as you can, the other one say urinate twice and not more. These seems to be small differances, but these small details have big impact.


I choosed Aaron C’s certo drug test directions because he has the most views, followed his guidlines, I did everyting as he instructed and I failed the test. You know whats funny?

My home drug test right before I went to the testing room showed negative, but in the drug testing facility, my test came back positive. It tells all about this 1 dollar home drug tests, they are as reliable as this bullshit Certo method.

Best way to pass a drug test on short notice – Synthetic urine

I failed my first test in last October, I was freaking sad, but life goes on, I didnt quit smoking and I kept trying a job. My next drug test was on the second job interview at Lowe’s. I knew they do drug test and I knew these job interview drug tests are all unsupervsed. I did some research and found out that the best and safest way is probably synthetic urine. If one pass the test with synthetic urine then the same will probably work for other people as well.

After doing some hours of reasearch, searching for reliable synthetic urine reviews I found out that the best and most easily accessible brand is Quick Fix synthetic urine. There are many different brands in smoke shops, but if you decide to use fake urine for drug test then better if you go for the best brand.

The best synthetic urine: Quick Fix 6.1 Updated formula with uric acid

best synthetic urine 2017The best synthetic urine brands are Quick Fix and Sub Solution, I have checked 20 plus synthetic urine reviews and they are both top rated products with only a very bad reviews. I decided to go with the updated formula of Quick fix because its much cheaper, Sub Solution synthetic urine costs 75$ plus shipping, Quick Fix is only 39+ shipping.

They both seem to contain the same or very similar chemicals. They both look and smell like real human urine, the only differance is Sub Solution comes with heat activator powder which makes heating urine to the right temperature is much more easier, but other than that, they look the same for me.

I also found out that the two most important chemicals what are always checked in a urine analysis are uric acid and urea. Both Quick Fix and Sub Solution contains them.

After some hours of thinking I orderd Quick Fix 6.1 synthetic urine, recieved it within 2 days (express shippsin extra 5 bucks), followed the instructions on the box, heated it up to the right temp with microwave, wraped it up with handwarmers and took it to the testing lab in my underwear. After 5 days I got a call that I got the job.

So far I have passed two urine drug test with Quick Fix so I can say Quick Fix is the best synthetic urine in 2017 on the maket. If you guys have any experience with Sub Solution, please leave a comment below.